Home Theater Design, Build and Installation

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Tailored Interiors, Specialized Audio/Video, Expert Control

Spectrum can bring the theater home to you.    


We get really excited when someone calls us about a home theater installation.  After all, this is the best way to show off our skills as audio/video designers.  

When starting the process of designing a home theater, there are many questions to be answered and variables that need to be addressed to begin designing.  We meet with you, the client, to determine your wants and needs for the space.  Cohesive collaboration between the clients, builder, designer, and us, your A/V contractor, is imperative to the design process.  Each collaborator has its own wants and needs to make their portion of the project exceed the client’s expectations.  But with so many hands on the project, sometimes the lines can be blurred.  

You really have to determine what you really want to accomplish in the design of the theater.  Having the latest and greatest in A/V technology needs to be balanced with the overall interior design, including seating, acoustics, and finishes.  Budget can often get in the way of creating the ultimate home theater experience.  By working with Spectrum, we can help you balance all aspects of the project, including your budget.  We can offer interior design expertise that can help you plan your space for both equipment and furnishings.  We can work with your contractor or be your project contractor through our Construction and Design Department.

Our residential systems designer will work with you to create an audio video experience specifically designed to fit you're needs and budget.  Whether you’re creating a great media center system or designing a complete designated home theater, we will also create the appropriate interface to control your system.  Don’t underestimate the impact of system control, including lighting and draperies.  

Spectrum brings our expertise in home theater design and installations with us to every installation.  We will work to create a space that is perfect for you.  From a simple television setup to a custom created theater space, we will create a high-performance system that you will be excited to show off.  

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